Is Amanda Dufner the Magic Charm Tiger Woods Needs?


Tiger Woods and Elin met and married when he was in his prime, physically and financially, and she was a formal model and nanny on the golf circuit.

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From a Lil' Matchmaker™ perspective, Elin and Tiger are the 2nd-best marriage combination.


Although she might be a little bit dominating at home, overall, they are very supportive of each other.  If he hadn’t suffered from sexual addition, they would have been a match made in heaven.


Unfortunately for both Tiger and Elin, when his sex addition drove him to have extramarital affairs with more than a dozen women, including two porn stars, exclusive escorts and a local diner waitress, Elin made the tough decision to divorce him.


The damage to their marriage was irreparable.  And, for a time, the damage to Tiger’s career and finances was severe.


When they divorced, Tiger was struggling with his game-day performance causing a dip in his earnings.  However, public disclosure of his infidelities and sexual addition caused major sponsors to shun him.


Tiger Longs For Elin and His Former Life

In 2013, several years after their divorce, it was rumored that when Tiger re-proposed marriage to Elin, she considered the proposal on condition that he include a $350 million anti-cheating clause into the wedding contract.


Clearly Tiger and Elin have an incredibly strong attraction to each other.  Tiger regrets his infidelity and wishes to make his family whole again.  And, Elin is still very beautiful, smart and extremely private – very different from Tiger’s random sexual partners.


Elin Moves On

Since their divorce, Elin has completed her college degree in psychology, established homes in Sweden and Florida, and dated a few handsome and wealthy men.  Her most recent boyfriend is billionaire Chris Cline.  While this coupling doesn’t form the absolute best pairing, it is very harmonious for both of them.


Assuming Elin was born after Feb. 3, 1980, her ideal match is 15 years younger than her.  For Chris Cline, his ideal match is 13 years younger than Elin – a 35 year age difference.  Still, Elin and Chris are fortunate to have met each other – it is possible for Chris to marry the girl next door!  They are supportive of each other and there are no strong oppositions, injuries or dominating tendencies.


Tiger Dates Lindsey

Tiger’s first significant relationship after his divorce from Elin was with Lindsey Vonn.  Compared to all the other women Tiger had met since his divorce, the fact that he picked Lindsey is no accident – they are well-matched.  While not the best or second best pairing, they can be supportive of each other and there are no strong oppositions, injuries or domination.


Lindsey’s pairing with Tiger similar to her pairing with her first husband, Thomas Vonn.  Lindsey is productive for both partners and, because there isn’t any domination, opposition or injury, they are very harmonious as partners.


When Lindsey and Thomas divorced, she was suffering from depression.  In Tiger’s case, the reason for their split was due to the limited time could spend together; they had incompatible international jet-set lifestyles, mismatched seasonal training/performance schedules and Tiger’s commitment to spend time with his children when he wasn’t traveling.  Given that Lindsey’s most ideal match is 15 years younger than her – which may not work with a man that young, her next best match is someone 15 years older or 5 years younger.  Or, someone like Tiger or Thomas.


Is Amanda Dufner Tiger’s Ideal Match?

Unfortunately, Tiger wasn’t able to remain faithful to Lindsey.  They broke up because he was rumored to have an affair with Amanda Dufner, the wife of fellow golfer, Jason Dufner.


Because Tiger and Lindsey’s relationship was so distant, it may have been easy for Tiger to fall for Amanda Dufner.  She is a beautiful brunette and recent college graduate.  Her marriage to fellow professional golfer, Jason Dufner, put her in regular contact with Tiger.


Amanda and Jason had only been married for three years and split amid rumors she was having an affair with Tiger.  Although Jason and Amanda do not have glaring concerns in their relationship, there are no oppositions, dominations, or injuries.


However, Tiger and Amanda are an ideal match from a Chinese matchmaking perspective, assuming she can overlook his lothario past [and possible future], declining career and financial prospects [although we should all have Tiger’s good fortune to retire with a net worth well north of a several hundred million dollars], and fifteen-year age gap.  Given that Amanda is no stranger to extramarital affairs [so early in her first marriage], perhaps they can be supportive and understanding of each other and live a long and happy marriage!

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