How Strong is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Marriage?


It is well-known that Kanye West considers Kim Kardashian the perfect woman.  When they first started dating, there were rumors that he wrote a song called "Perfect Bitch" just for Kim.  So it’s fortunate, that they were able to marry and have children.

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From a Lil' Matchmaker™ perspective, Kanye will tend to dominate Kim.  And, Kim doesn’t appear to be someone who likes to be dominated too much.  So, they will not have the most harmonious marriage.  However, because there is no strong opposition or potential for serious injuries, as long as each of them feels that they are getting what they want out of this relationship, all will be well.


Kanye’s Other Potential Wives

Before Kim, Kanye’s most serious adult relationship was with Alexis Phifer.  They started dating in 2002 and were engaged from 2006 to 2008.  Alexis is about 7 years older than Kanye. If her birth date is after February 3, 1970, then their match was very productive and harmonious.  However, if Alexis was born before February 4th, then Kanye would have dominated their relationship as well and it would not have been very harmonious.


Just before dating Kim, Kanye dated Amber Rose.  Their partnership had very strong internal opposition – it's surprising that they dated for as long as they did.  Fortunately, it is good that they never married as they would have definitely divorced or led separate lives in a very short time.


Kim’s Previous Husbands

Kim had a very compatible and agreeable relationship with her first husband, Damon Thomas.  It is possible that they would have been very happy together for a long time if Kim hadn’t wanted more…more fame, more money, more influence, MORE EVERYTHING!  When they married, Damon was fairly wealthy in his own right but has recently experienced some financial struggles.


As for Kim’s second husband, Kris Humphries, their relationship was even more harmonious than her first marriage.  However, Kim would have a tendency to dominate Kris.  If there is any truth to the rumors that their courtship and wedding were publicity stunts arranged to promote their reality television show, it would be hard to find a better match than these two.  It is very likely that they were initially very attracted to each other and would have married anyway.  However, very quickly, Kim realized that Kris wouldn’t take her where she wanted to go in her life and made the mature decision to quickly end their marriage.  If they had both wanted the same things in life, they would have made a loving couple and had a long-term marriage.


One of the key early relationships for Kim was with her boyfriend, Ray J (aka William Ray Norwood Jr.).  While Kim was already well-known from her friendship with Paris Hilton, her sex tape with Ray J was the key element that ignited her fame.  In their Lil' Matchmaker™ analysis, they are very similar and compatible. Because there were no strong passions, they wouldn’t have been their ideal marriage partners but there was enough compatibility for them to be very good friends.


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Disclaimer:  Please note that a Lil' Matchmaker™ analysis provides a general overview of a relationship’s potential but many factors can change the outcome for any couple in any giving situation.  For example, someone suffering from illness or substance abuse may behave completely differently from the basis of their native character thereby changing the nature of their relationships with the significant people in their lives.


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