For Justin and Selena: Is It More Than Puppy Love?


Selena Gomez revealed that she first met Justin Bieber in 2009 as part of a blind date set up by his manager, Scooter Braun, and her manager/mother, Mandy Teefey.  At the time, she was a very young 17 and Justin was even younger at 15.  It is unlikely that Scooter would have called Mandy if Justin hadn’t been very interested in Selena.

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Justin and Selena Experience Growing Pains

Since then, there have been many breakups and reconciliations. A big part of this drama may be attributed to growing pains and a strenuous work schedule as each of them spent much of their time building their careers and growing their fan bases.  Another possibility is that Selena may be a lot more mature than Justin.  Generally speaking, many young girls are much more mature than the boys their age – and, Justin is a couple of years younger than Selena; sometimes, it takes awhile for boys/young men to match the maturity of girls/young women.


Justin is Very Young and Youthful

For example, in the years after Justin turned 18, he has been charged with vandalism, assault, and a DUI.  Committing these crimes isn’t just a result of Justin’s wealth, fame, and youth; they may have more to do with the risky, thrill-seeking behavior he and his entourage encouraged – like excessive drinking.  Fortunately, it appears that Justin has made the adult decision to get better friends.


While Justin’s criminal behaviors have lessened, he still takes romantic risks.  For example, he reportedly had affairs with Kourtney Kardashian and Miranda Kerr – both attractive women and mothers more than 10 years older.  Fortunately for both women, these relationships don’t appear to be serious.  The Justin-Kourtney pairing is very harmless; there is some attraction but no strong passion.  In the case of Justin and Miranda, this pair is not harmonious because, over time, Justin will tend to dominate Miranda.


As for Selena, she has been busy dating Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner and possibly Orlando Bloom among others.  However, she and Justin always managed to get back together when those other relationships didn’t pan out.


Should Justin Marry Selena?

They are very obviously attracted to each other and, at this stage, having known each other for more than 10 years, it’s not just puppy love.


From a Lil' Matchmaker™ perspective, it turns out they're very well-matched.  Their relationship is very harmonious so it is not surprise that they get along so well.


Given their past history and similar career arcs, it's unlikely that Justin and Selena will meet somebody that will understand their pressures and fame.


However if Justin wanted to find his perfect match, he should look for a woman 5 years older than him; born after February 4th 1989.  Since he is often attracted to older women, so may be an easy route for him.  If Justin were to get serious about Hailey Baldwin, this match would not be very harmonious for either of them.  Hopefully, it is a minor fling and not a serious relationship.


For Selena, her best match is a man 5 (not 2) years younger; somebody born in 1997 after February 4th.  For example, at age 24, her ideal match would be turning 19.  Since young women are often much more mature than young men, Selena would have to be willing to wait until this special man goes through his rebellious stage…unless she gets lucky enough to find a mature 19-year old man!  Otherwise, she may have to wait until she is in her late 20s or early 30s before settling down to a successful marriage.


Alternatively, if Selena were to get serious with Charlie Puth, this match would as harmonious for them as her match with Justin – without all of the baggage!


For either of them, aside from potential romantic partners, if they find business partners in these age ranges, they could do very well.


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Disclaimer:  Please note that a Lil' Matchmaker™ analysis provides a general overview of a relationship’s potential but many factors can change the outcome for any couple in any giving situation.  For example, someone suffering from illness or substance abuse may behave completely differently from the basis of their native character thereby changing the nature of their relationships with the significant people in their lives.


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