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Why Nicole Brown Simpson is an Unexpected Victim


Today, OJ Simpson has a reputation as a wife-beater, robber, and possible murderer.  But it wasn’t always this way.  In 1967, he was a newly-wed husband on his way to becoming a celebrated football star and loving father. (more…)

Was Bruce and Kris Jenner’s Marriage a Shrewd Bargain?


Bruce Jenner married Kris Kardashian in April 1991, one month after she divorced her first husband, attorney Robert Kardashian.


At the time, Bruce’s was a twice-divorced, faded Olympic star on the motivational speaking circuit and Kris was a local socialite on the perimeter of fame due to her friendship with O.J. Simpson’s second wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. (more…)

Is Amanda Dufner the Magic Charm Tiger Woods Needs?


Tiger Woods and Elin met and married when he was in his prime, physically and financially, and she was a formal model and nanny on the golf circuit. (more…)

David & Victoria Beckham: Why Naked Desire Can Create a Strong Marriage


From their first meeting in November 1996, David Beckham and Victoria Adams felt an immediate, almost karmic, connection. (more…)

2 Little-Known Reasons Why Leo DiCaprio Couldn’t Love Gisele Bundchen


In 2000, when Gisele Bundchen started dating Leonardo DiCaprio, she was only 20 years old, had just signed a major contract with Victoria’s secret and wasn’t ready to settle down.  Five years later, they split up for good because she was ready for marriage and Leo, at 31 years old, apparently wasn’t. (more…)


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