Get the ultimate young woman's guide to making better decisions about the key relationships in your life.

Pairings in Hollywood, Wall Street & Silicon Valley?

Read case studies about the people that shape our culture.

Our stories look at the intertwined personalities behind the most interesting and powerful duos in the global public arena.


By conducting a detailed investigation, we hope to provide a unique perspective on “coupling” that will broaden the conversation regarding each individual pairing and, hopefully, instill a desire in you to evaluate the closest relationships you have in your own life.


Whether it’s a guy and a gal, a pair of ladies or couple of guys; whether they interact platonically or are in a dating/significant other/married relationship; our in-depth analysis will help complete your understanding of their potential for positive, neutral or negative interactions.




Partners, mentors and single-minded focus - the keys to success for any ambitious leader.


Icons and others provide inspiration and encouragement to pursue the biggest dreams.


Inner circle backers, combined with tenacity, help overcome challenges to create a better world.


Skillful guidance and discrete succession planning aid in continuing the family dynasty.


Coaches and teammates help build the confidence and skills needed to change a life's trajectory.


Pairings to note - practical skills to admire and emulate - and exceptions to the rule.