Are Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall Still Young At Heart?


At 84 years old, billionaire Rupert Murdoch has asked the beautiful Jerry Hall for her hand in marriage.  Although they have only been dating for a few months, at his age, why waste another moment when you can spend the rest of your life with the woman you love. 

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Fortunately, since his mother passed away at 103 years of age, there is a strong possibility that Rupert and Jerry will be able to enjoy a couple of decades together as a loving husband and wife.


In engaging with Jerry Hall, Rupert Murdoch has found love and romance with a woman who is used to living a full life with successful and prominent men.  Luckily for him, unlike some of his other wives, Jerry doesn’t need to marry Rupert to gain wealth or fame – she’s a successful woman and celebrity in her own right.


Jerry and Rupert Hit the True Love Jackpot

In analyzing their Lil' Matchmaker™ potential, it is clear that Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall have hit the true love jackpot!  Their inherent character forms the most productive and harmonious husband-wife relationship – the best possible match!  While it’s sad that it took so long for them to find each other, it is great to see them stumble upon true love and romance at their time of life.  As importantly, given that Murdoch’s own sisters and niece are their matchmakers, their union should have the blessing of their immediate family members.


Jerry and Mick Were Good Together – But Not Great

In reviewing Jerry Hall’s previous significant past relationship with Mick Jagger, their native character shows that they had the potential to get along well together.  This explains why they were together for over 20 years. However, Mick had a tendency to dominate Jerry.  This is a generally good pairing but not the best for Jerry.


Rupert’s Past Wives – Patricia, Anna and Wendi

It is difficult to determine the birth date of Rupert Murdoch’s first wife, Patricia Booker Murdoch Maeder, a former airline hostess and sometime department-store model.  However, since she passed away in November 1999 at 70 years old, she was either born at the end of 1928 or during 1929.  Either of these dates makes her a few years older than Rupert, who was born in 1931.  In either case, there is a great similarity in their character – which would explain their 11-year marriage.  However, their partnership wasn’t the best combination.


After their divorce, Patricia eventually married an out-going Swiss jet-setter and Rupert married Anna Torv, a Scottish journalist and novelist.  With only thirteen years age difference, this is an overall harmonious combination.  Ultimately though, Rupert had a tendency to dominate Anna.


If people didn’t live so long these days, this marriage might have lasted until “death do them part”.  Increased longevity apparently comes with increased chances for romantic love.


In his late sixties, Rupert showed no sign of retiring while Anna wanted him to slow down.  Ultimately, their contradictory “bucket-list” desires resulted in Rupert looking for a different life partner.


Rupert Murdoch finds a good match in Wendi Deng – he is interested in growing his business empire in China and she is looking to expand her horizons as well.  From a Lil' Matchmaker™ perspective, they are well matched.  Given Rupert’s advanced age, Wendi may have thought she’d be the last Mrs. Rupert Murdoch; when they divorced in 2013, he was 82 years old.  With this kind of thinking, Wendi may have become over-confident of his affection for her and thought she could charm and flirt with other men without repercussions.  If she had stuck with playing her part as the loving, doting wife, it is possible Wendi would still be married to Rupert today.


Alas for Wendi, although Rupert is advanced in age, he is still sharp as a tack.  After gathering enough evidence of Wendi’s philandering, he decided to call it quits on their marriage.


Rupert is Lucky in Love

Overall, Rupert has been lucky in love.  His past wives have not been in opposition to him.  Nor have they caused him personal or physical injuries.  Patricia, Anna and Wendi may or may not have been the ideal wife that his mother and sisters wanted for him, but they worked well for Rupert – until they didn’t.


At least Rupert Murdoch lived long enough to start life anew with Jerry Hall.  If they want to further increase the auspiciousness of their match, perhaps they might consult with a reputable Feng Shui practitioner to select the best wedding date and to evaluate their primary residence.  May they both enjoy every happiness and success together!


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Disclaimer:  Please note that a Lil' Matchmaker™ analysis provides a general overview of a relationship’s potential but many factors can change the outcome for any couple in any giving situation.  For example, someone suffering from illness or substance abuse may behave completely differently from the basis of their native character thereby changing the nature of their relationships with the significant people in their lives.


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