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Imagine what your life would be like if an amazing person came into your life and became your best friend.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can completely confide in?  Who always has your back?  Who gives you sound advice and helps you live a more positive, fulfilling life?

Suppose you had a boss that liked, trusted and helped you.  Would you be up for a promotion?  Would he/she put you in for a bonus or exceptional raise?  Would you get to work on a great team with amazing people?  Would you get to work on more interesting and visible projects?


Friends and relationships like these are what enable people to go beyond a ho-hum average existence to lead very happy lives.

Hi, I'm Cici -

a Lil' Matchmaker & Mentor.

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I've analyzed hundreds of relationships and am now using this knowledge to develop online courses and workshops for men and women who want to date smarter, improve their existing relationships and increase their overall happiness.


I see a lot of people in unhappy relationships.  They're following relationship advice that never mentions the basic foundation for any successful relationship.  And, confusing "compatibility" with "harmony."


I know exactly what it takes to enable a harmonious and productive relationship and I hope to teach everyone who wants to know.


You are so capable of having the success you've always dreamed of and living your best life.  I know I can help you get there.


So let's do this!

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